Clarenjoy Caris Of Kingsbridge held to her namesake, the heroine from the Ken Follett novel World Without End.  Born in 2011, she was an active dog, eager to learn, intelligent, and beautiful.  Her accomplishments were many and she was a great partner.  She was the only liver colored puppy in a litter of 11.

In the American Kennel Club, she achieved Master Agility Excellent Preferred, Master Excellent Jumper Preferred 2, Agility FAST Excellent Preferred, halfway to her breed championship,  Junior Hunter, Companion Dog Excellent, Rally Excellent, Tracking Dog Excellent, Versatile Companion Dog 2, and Trick Dog Performer.

In Canine Performance Events, she earned her Enthusiast Agility Trial Champion.

In the United Kennel Club she completed Elite Nosework, Started Hunting Retriever, United Rally Obedience 2, and Show Champion.

In Canine – Work And Games, she earned all nine possible scent work titles. 

In National Association of Canine Scent Work she attained her NW3 Elite nosework title.

The Flat-Coated Retriever Society of American recognized her with a Working Certificate and Versatility Certificate.

International All Breed Canine Association bestowed upon her an International Championship.

Caris was bred in 2015 to Taser”, Am.Ch. Can CH. BIS BISS Butterblac’s Stop Resisting WC JH.  They produced three lovely black puppies: two males and one female.  The female stayed and is call Handfull.

Caris was diagnosed with a intracranial meningioma and passed in 2020.  She was 9 years 4 months old.

Caris was born August 17, 2011 and died December 29, 2020.

Health Clearances

Hips: FR-5395G30F-VPI (Good)Caris UKC Champion 2013001 - Caris Flat-Coated Retriever

Patella: FR-PA2116/30F/P-VPI (Normal)

Elbow: FR-EL2363F30-VPI (Normal)

Eyes: FR-EYE401/37F-VPI